Child Find FAQ

Who should be referred for screenings?

Children should be referred for screenings if they are not currently enrolled in a school program and are suspected of having delays which may effect learning. The primary focus is on preschool-aged children.

Do the screenings cost anything?

No. All screening services are offered free of charge.

What do you do at screenings?

Consultants observe and administer a quick assessment in the areas of speech, language, hearing, vision, and development. Information is also obtained from the parent at the time of the screening.

Where do the screenings take place?

Screenings are held in various locations throughout the FDLRS service area. Screenings are held in the county in which the child resides.

What happens after my child has been screened?

Based on screening results, some children may be scheduled for more in-depth evaluations to assist in determining eligibility for special education services. Some children may be referred to agency programs and/or the parent will be provided with resources.

Will my child receive free childcare?

No, we do not provide childcare. Some children may qualify for educational services based on identified disabilities. A range of services is provided depending on the child's need.