Inclusive Scheduling

What is Inclusive Scheduling?

Inclusive scheduling is a team process to develop a schoolwide master schedule that includes support for students in inclusive classrooms and other general education settings. Inclusive scheduling involves the scheduling team’s development of a master schedule driven by the following:

  • Increased time in the least restrictive environment (LRE) for students with disabilities (SWD),
  • Level and intensity of support for students to be successful in the LRE,
  • Consideration of instructional supports for students without disabilities,
  • In-class exceptional student education (ESE) service delivery models,
  • Expectations that all students will make adequate yearly progress, based on the general education standards and curriculum, and
  • Ongoing, collaborative planning time among education professionals.

Inclusive scheduling is a decision-making process that:

  • Involves appropriate team members;
  • Is student-centered;
  • Reflects the practice of educating students with and without disabilities together, regardless of their abilities or readiness;
  • Regards all ESE certified faculty and staff as capable of providing in-class support;
  • Requires ongoing collaboration between special and general educators;
  • Benefits all students;
  • Establishes time for collaborative planning.

For more information, please contact your Regional FIN Facilitator, Mary Trubisky  at or

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